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Good Graph vs. Bad Graph – Part 1 – Linear Equations

Below are examples of a GOOD graph for the linear equation y = 2x + 4 and a BAD graph for the linear equation y = 2x + 4. At the end of the post is a checklist that you can use to be sure you are creating GOOD graphs for all your linear equations.

Bad Graph of y = 2x + 4

Good Graph of y = 2x + 4

Checklist for a good graph – Linear Equations

  1. Label the horizontal and vertical axes with the appropriate symbols.
  2. Identify tick marks (in this case distance is 10 in each direction from the origin).
  3. Plot and label at least two ordered pairs that are on the graph of the equation. If you have a third point, plot and label it just for checking purposes.
  4. Use a straightedge to connect the points and run the graph through and beyond the end points (unless the domain is restricted).

Note: The lack of closed endpoints on the graph indicates that it continues forever in each direction.