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Does This MOOC Make My Class Look Big – Part 3


Community college MOOCs are still the exception rather than the rule yet there are several implementation models and types of courses that are currently being offered. A sampling is listed below:

  • Bunker Hill Community College and Massachusetts Bay Community College
    • Offering a hybrid class that utilizes MOOC content delivered by edX
  • Scottsdale Community College
    • Offering a Basic Arithmetic MOOC through the Canvas Learning Network
  • Broward College
    • Offering College Foundations: Reading, Writing, and Math through the Canvas Learning Network
  • Seattle Center Community College
    • Offering US History 1 and 2
  • Cuyahoga Community College
    • Offering PreAlgebra classes through CourseSites by Blackboard

How MOOCs will play out and best be utilized by community colleges is still open for debate. The following are possible MOOC approaches based upon current and future community college MOOC implementations:

  • Offer MOOCs to current populations of students with content focused on preparation for required courses i.e. preparation for placement testing, college readiness skills, etc.
  • Use MOOC content to supplement and/or provide primary instruction for on-ground, hybrid, or online classes
  • Use MOOCs to deliver pre-college content to current students
  • Utilize a “Try before you buy” approach where a MOOC would present a few weeks of content for a particular class but the actual class would require registration fees through the institution offering the class
  • Use MOOCs to reach out to populations world wide as a marketing tool for online classes offered by the institution
  • Use MOOCs to provide access to high enrollment courses that students may not be able to enroll in due to demand


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