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Open Courseware Consortium – 6th Annual International Conference – Summary of Day 2/3

Open Courseware Consortium – 6th Annual International Conference – Summary of Day 2/3

OCWC Global Conference

Day 2 of the conference began with panel presentation. I was honored to present with the CCCOER (Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources) panel in a session titled, “Discover How OER Adoption Fosters Policy and Practice Changes at Community Colleges”. Kicking off the panel was the Una Daly from CCCOER. Other faculty members presenting included Barbara Illkowsky from De Anza College and James Glapa-Glossklag from College of the Canyons.


We each shared some background on the OER projects at our institutions then talked about changes in policy that came about as a result of OER efforts in each location.

Following our panel presentation, I attended sessions on technology and OER then later in the afternoon, the entire group headed to the king’s palace for tour and dinner. This activity took up most of the afternoon and evening and allowed us to see some local culture and interact with local leaders.


After a keynote session on the state of OER in Southeast Asia by Emeritus Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan, I attended a group of sessions related to student involvement in creating OER. I found especially interesting a talk by Jonan Donalson titled, “Learners as Producers: Structuring Courses around OER Production by Students”. Jonan teaches educational technology courses at Oregon State University. He discussed a project in which students wrote the first ever published book about MOOC’s (Massively Open Online Courses) as part of their course requirements. While I find the idea of student OER creation very interesting, I have not yet determined how best to incorporate it at the developmental mathematics level.


Afternoon sessions included those on licensing issues related to OER. Presentations included those by Cable Green related to Creative Commons licensing 4.0 and “Legal and Quality Guidelines for Open Coursewares Sites” by Ignasi Labastida from the University of Barcelona.

Closing ceremonies followed these sessions and our Indonesian hosts gathered on the stage en mass to thank us for coming.


Our CCCOER group took a photo opportunity after the closing ceremonies. Left to right, Una Daly, Donna Gaudet, Barbara Illowsky, James Glappa-Glossklag.

photo(17)Thanks to everyone for a great conference. I learned a tremendous amount about OER on an international level and made lots of new friends.

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