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What’s My Next Math Course at SCC?

The SCC Math Department maintains a page on our website that lists the math courses required for most degree paths. You may have questions about some of the individual courses and how they are offered. This post may help….

IF CURRENTLY IN MAT082(Arithmetic) your next class is either Introductory Algebra – MAT09X (see below) or MAT102

MATH 090, 091, OR 092
(All are Introductory Algebra 09X just different numbers of credits and time in the classroom)

  • MAT090 – 5 credits – offered only face2face
  • MAT091 – 4 credits – offered only face2face
  • MAT092 – 3 credits – offered face2face, hybrid, online

(All are Intermediate Algebra 12X just different numbers of credits and time in the classroom)

  • MAT120 – 5 credits – offered only face2face
  • MAT121 – 4 credits – offered face2face, hybrid
  • MAT122 – 3 credits – offered face2face, online

The format of the course you take is up to you. If you are in an online class now but want more instructor face-to-face interaction, then you might enjoy hybrid. I do not recommend online unless you are VERY disciplined and can hold yourself to a schedule to get your work completed and the current class you are in is mostly review.


5 thoughts on “What’s My Next Math Course at SCC?

  1. What’s the difference between MAT09X classes and MAT102?

    Posted by Diana Shepherd | October 23, 2011, 5:18 pm
    • Diana…

      MAT102 (Math Concepts and Applications) is the terminal course for some one-year certificate and two-year programs at SCC. It is not a prerequisite for any other course and should not be taken unless it meets a specific certificate or two-year degree requirement.

      Posted by dgaudet | October 23, 2011, 5:22 pm
  2. Okay, thanks.

    Posted by DianaS | October 24, 2011, 10:04 am
  3. I am taking math 122 next semester and I found I learn the absolute best when I take math online. Whenever I take it in an actual classroom I find it is very hard for me to focus! I looked online for another online math course and there was only one from you and it looked like it was already closed. Do you know if there are any others that might be opening up soon? Thanks.

    Posted by Anna Douglas | October 25, 2011, 6:18 pm

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